HesterFest Kicks Off with Underworld

The 2016 edition of HesterFest, my annual Halloween film festival, is now underway. Here are copies of my live tweets from Monday night’s (September 19) viewing of Underworld:

  • UnderworldI’m kicking off #HesterFest tonight at 6pm CT. First up is #Underworld, which was released on this date in 2003.
  • Welcome to #HesterFest. It’s time for #Underworld.
  • From Selene’s prologue: “… our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one.” #Underworld
  • These are not Bram Stoker’s vampires. #Underworld is very much an action/war movie: vampires vs. werewolves.
  • I’d love to get me one of those vampire tomb manhole covers. #Underworld
  • Kevin Grevioux, who plays Raze and is one of the writers of the movie, has the most awesome voice ever. #Underworld
  • It’s a shame Sophia Myles was not utilized in the sequels. She’s really good as Erika. #Underworld
  • Selene loves to kick in doors. #Underworld
  • As an aside, the Blu-ray of #Underworld looks amazing and is loaded with special features.
  • Hello Amelia. Goodbye Amelia. We barely knew you. #Underworld
  • It’s a shame about Kahn. He was one of the good guys. #Underworld
  • Viktor is such a bad-ass. He put Raze down without breaking a sweat. #Underworld
  • If Viktor is such a bad-ass, what does that make Selene after she slices him in two? #Underworld
  • There’s some killer music playing during the #Underworld closing credits. Join me tomorrow for more #HesterFest.

For this year’s festival, I will probably also watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. At this time, I don’t have plans to include the other two movies. Since Underworld: Blood Wars is coming out in January, however, I will probably have some special plans for all five movies next year. Those plans may include audio commentaries.

Until next time…